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Go-To Game Film Resources For Your Team’s Performance

If you’ve been involved in competitive sports, particularly at the high school or college level, for any amount of time, you’ve probably watched at least a little game film. As high quality cameras have become a huge part of our phones, there is never ending amounts of film available, and the best teams are using their game film resources to propel themselves to the next level. But there is more to game film than just rewatching the part that you missed because you weren’t looking.

Why Do Good Teams Insist On Game Film Video?

If you’ve been around any competitive teams, whether as a coach, parent, or athlete, you’ve probably heard talk about game film video. Athletes are always talking about watching film after games or during the off season to prepare and to learn. But what is the point of game film? And why does it seem like every good sports team is using it?

The Alternative To Hudl

It has almost been 10 years that coaches have had the convenience of watching their  games on the internet.  Prior to that, games were burned to a DVD and then exchanged with other coaches.  What a pain?  I remember driving up to two hours on a Saturday morning to meet coaches to exchange film.  Prior to the world of DVDs, it was VHS tapes that were copied and exchanged.  Even though it was a hassle to exchange, the value of watching film was worth the traveling.

How Much Is Game Film Video Storage?

As I have traveled to numerous coaches clinics throughout the US, I keep hearing the frustration about Game Film Video Storage.  What are the real costs? And What options do we have as a school or conference.  Many conferences have mandated that everyone use the same company, which is never a good business idea. Competition always keeps the price at the best value for the customer.  Not only is there frustration about pricing of Game Film storage but confusion on how much it really costs.  Some schools that are paying $3,100 just for storage of 500 hours of video.  What does storage really cost?